Friday, July 18, 2008

China orders relocation of Myanmar's villagers

Chinese oil company, PetroChina, has ordered to relocate the residents of the Myanmar’s village, Agu Maw, and other nearby islands. Nearly 100 engineers of the Chinese oil company are presently engaged in oil/natural gas exploration work in Agu-Maw village, 25 miles North from Sittwe in Arakan State, Myanmar, bordering Bangladesh. Heavy drilling machines and other equipment has been brought from China, and the village has been completely cordoned off by ‘Na-Sa-Ka’, the border security force. The Chinese company has so far identified 15 places with gas/oil reserves in Agu Maw. Earlier, four small islands near Agu-Maw village were fenced off by the Myanmar authorities following discovery of gas deposit by Chinese company.

My sources also said that Myanmar military authorities have banned since mid-June all mining activities by Chinese nationals in Laiza and Namsan-Yang areas, 50 miles southeast of Myitkyina, Kachin state. The ban followed charges of illegal gold mining by Chinese nationals. Chinese gold miners are now forcing local authorities through bribes to issue pre-dated permission letters.

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